Welcome to our (still developed) new Homepage!

If you’re  looking for a help with your property (you’re about to purchase, purchased, need maintain existing or wanting to sell) – we can help.

If you want see how to save money respecting the environment – you’re in right place.  We’ll be delighted to help or, point you in right direction.

Property development,  maintenance and their management is what we do.

Please bear with us, while our ECO SHED e-shop (energy & resources saving gear) being created. Meanwhile you can find & like & follow us  , and even rate us on social medias (including number of expats communities and web pages)


We might be new in this area (and struggle with language, etc), but behind us is almost 30 years of experience with 100’s of builds & 1000’s of various projects and jobs finished.

We are property developers specializing in “zero bills” ecological dwellings and energy / resources saving measure in general, but also undertake building, remodelling of properties, their management &  maintenance (including wide range of repair work).

That includes design & installation of bathroom & kitchens 😉

We might either lend you a helping hand, ear or, point you in right direction

Hello world!

Welcome to our Word Press Web developing project . This is our second post using this platform & theme. Please get in touch & leave us a comment regarding the goods & services you’d like to see (are missing) or shall you know of manufacturer, wholesalers of ECO materials and goods & energy resources saving …